We give unlimited access to your vertical world to your possibilities to your dreams

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We provide

Work at Height Training!

We provide all types of training that require a safe approach at height and in difficult to access locations.

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We provide

Work at Height Services!

We undertake every kind of work at height as we consider every project unique that gives us the opportunity to develop and grow new applications and systems.

We provide

Corporate event

The events are inspired by our adventurous spirit and our unique personal experiences in life. We challenge you to book with us.

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We provide

Outdoor Rock Climbing

Our climbing courses are designed to provide structured training opportunities for individuals or group of people including families who seek either to become independent climbers or just to have a taste of the vertical world. No prior experience or special skills are required

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We provide

Sport & Professional
Climbing Equipment!

We represent, distribute and install some of the most respectable brands like Petzl, Harken Industrial, ABS, CMC. We can help you choose the right equipment based on your needs and expertise.