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MSR provides a series of standardized training of work at height technicians as well as customized work at height training courses in compliance with the legal requirements and following the international good practice.  According to Cyprus and European Legislation, work at height technicians must receive appropriate training for the safe conduct of work at height, the use of personal fall protective equipment and the relevant rescue procedures. Trainings must be repeated at regular intervals.

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1. Safe Work and Rescue on Flat and Sloping Roofs Training

2. Safe Work and Rescue on Metal Structures Training

3. Safe Work and Rescue on Tower Crane Training

4. Safe Work and Rescue on Telecommunications Towers Training

5. Safe Work and Rescue on Electricity Pylons Training

6. Safe Work and Rescue on Wooden Poles Training

7. Safe Work and Rescue on Wind Turbines Training

8. Safe Work and Rescue in Confined Spaces Training

9. Rope Access Technicians Training

10. Fall Protection Work at Height Training

11. PPE Inspection Training

12. Mountain Rescue Training

13. Technical Rescue Training

14. Specialized Rescue Kit Training

15. Safety Manager Training

16. Hauling Systems Training

17. Arizona Vortex AHD Multipod Training

18. Safe Access Systems Training

19. Safe and Correct Use of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms

20. First Aid at Work Training

21. Custom Made Training

21. Custom Made Training

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Our services

Our approach depends on the client’s needs and special demands at the specific working site. The experience and the know-how we have acquired through the years allow us to adapt in any situation and any environment.

1. Safe Access to workers in difficult and dangerous to reach locations 

2. Installation of Safety Nets and Life Lines

3. Installation of metallic components, windows, alucobond, other structural components

4. Electrical and mechanical works at difficult to reach locations

5. Installation of supportive platforms

6. Cleaning and replacing of windows and alucobond

7. Painting and Refurbishing

8. Electrical and hydraulic works

9. Restoration works

10. Replacing light fixtures

11. Performing technical inspections

12. Work at Height Consultation

13. Rescue Services on site, etc.

21. Custom Made Training

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Corporate event

Corporate events are chosen and planned very carefully to exceed your expectations. We are committed to deliver a great value to your investment by focusing on your real needs and the value of your personnel.

The events are inspired by our adventurous spirit and our unique personal experience in life. We challenge you to book with us.

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Rock climbing courses

Rock Climbing is an addictive, enjoyable activity that has many benefits, both physical and psychological.

All the courses are run and delivered by certified instructors of CMCOOF(Cyprus Mountaineering, Climbing & Orienteering Federation) proud member of UIAA(International Climbing & Mountaineering Federation).

We are here to help you create a story you would love to share.

More details coming soon.

MSR is a proud distributor of Petzl and Harken Industrial in Cyprus offering a vast range of professional and sport equipment to valued customers. Visit our store to shop online your climbing gear.

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Professional gear

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Sport gear